First of all, we focus on both modern and innovative products. We are the first polish company which has launched the project of connection kit for boilers called HZP, which is our original idea.

Our products offer covers mostly all the types of installation systems needed for making inside water-supply installations, as well as central heating systems and gas or compressed air systems. What is more, they are in all the possible sizes.

We provide open and honest sales policy so that our clients are able to maintain their economic growth by selling our brands profitably. We believe this is the best way to increase the competitiveness of domestic trade and craft companies.

We only distribute our products by the system of wholesale trade. On the other hand, our clients are not really interesting in forcing to sale our brands at all costs, for example using e-commerce systems. Taking all of these into a consideration, we have been promoting the slogan: "We create truly a wholesale trade" for several years.

We launch only best quality products in competitive prices, as we try to compete with the most recognizable Premium brands.