The basis for development any products brand are professional made trainings, both about technical and trade issues for sellers as well as those dedicated to the service problems for fitters. We also provide professional presentations about design software.

We conduct our training in our own training centre located in Jastrzębie-Zdrój, but also, according to client's wishes, in other places.


During our trainings we try to teach our participants about the true  advantages of our products, also in comparison to the products made by competitors but also we discuss many additional benefits of selling our brand products.

We believe that a seller should know almost everything about his or her product as the volume of sale depends right on the seller.

Apart from quality and utility values, dealer should be concerned about a possibility to sell his or her product in a profitable way, which is frequently threatened due to the effect of economic war.

What is more, professional sellers should be also concerned about the fact that they should not destroy  their own the source of income. We are always pleased with realization that our client understand this important rule and uses it smartly.

All of our brands are also equipped with professional marketing materials such as proper catalogs and brochures. Main marketing catalog of Taur installation systems  contains detailed producer's warranty conditions depending on the kind of installation and needs. 

We cooperate with design software producers which are InstalSoft and SANKOM so that our systems may be designed by professional designers.  

We launched our own program to create and offer Taur brand floor systems which we share on a basis of lending.  

We also provide our own on-line system to order products with the possibility to offer selling both products and services by sellers and fitters. When it comes to Taur brand systems, we also provide tool program designed for fitters needs. We also lend our clients professional tools for free.


We also help in organizing market exhibitions as well as in many other marketing and promotion activities.   


It all enables us and our clients to look at the future with more calm and optimism.