We are family company based on polish capital. What characterizes us is positive approach to the market. 

When creating our brands and products, we are convinced that these are the products that our clients truly need.

Because of common market phenomenon of price degradation, when it comes to products of popular brands (especially in our branch),  we put a lot of effort into provide that our brands are not violated by that degradation. This is the main reason why our brands are so well welcomed by the market.

As a company, we have received gradually "Solid Firm" distinction for over 10 years and our products are well recognized, especially when it comes to TAURUS brand of solid fuel boilers. In 2013' we got "Golden Fitter" reward as well as "Consuments Quality Leader" price.

"Golden Fitter" reward was connected with launching production of Hydraulic Connection Kit, in polish brief version: HZP for solid fuel feeder based boiler, which helps preventing from bad montage and exploitation of boilers.

We distribute our products through logistic centre located in Jastrzębie-Zdrój, where most of our warehouse's area of 4500m2 are high storage system ones.